EZEE™ Camera Strap

Comfort for your camera or binocular needs…

Tired of the neck and shoulder strain from current camera straps, shoulder strap or binocular harness?

You will quickly feel and see the advantages of EZEE™ Strap

• Both your hands remain free

• Eliminates neck fatigue, strain and tension

• Security for your camera or binoculars

• Ergonomic, functional and lightweight

• Adjustable to fit everyone

EZEE™ Strap is functional and lightweight, providing safety and security for your camera while travelling, performing recreational and work activities.

Both your hands are free and your camera or binoculars will remain within the gravity of your body while walking, bending, squatting, or climbing, providing easy and available access to your camera, to capture that shot or view.

“Professional, amateur, vacationer, or just parent trying to capture those priceless family images… Without any doubt, EZEE™ Strap has to be one of the most cost effective tools to enhance any photographer’s experience.”

Malcolm, Freelance Photographer

EZEE™ Strap is unique, comfortable, ergonomic, functional and lightweight, placing the weight of the camera equipment or binoculars between the shoulder blades and across the back.

“In one weekend I shot over three thousand photographs with no stress to my neck, chest or upper back. This was achieved using the EZEE™ Strap that was comfortable, safe and secure – a photographers dream!” Chuck

EZEE™ Strap is quickly attached to your camera while providing confidence your camera is safe and secure. Stores conveniently in your camera bag when not in use.

Wearing EZEE™ Strap at all times with your camera allows you to capture the ultimate shot within a few seconds … While using your tripod, simply clip the snap hooks together in front of you for EZEE™ Strap to remain in place to then re-attach your camera when removed from tripod.

The rugged construction of the EZEE™ Strap will give you years of reliable and durable service and is available in the standard black or any of the custom colours. listed below. Each EZEE™ Strap ships with black metal swivel snap hooks, ½” split rings and 1″ split rings to ensure a custom fit with your camera.

EZEE™ Strap attachment:

• remove the standard neck strap from your camera/binocular

• choose the split ring that will fit the eyelets on your camera/binocular

• attach the ring into the eyelet

• adjust the EZEE™ Strap to fit you with the leather patch sitting between your shoulder blades

• attach your camera/binoculars to the split rings with the snap hooks.

Order your EZEE™ Strap today or feel free to contact us for more information!



Hiking & Backpacking

Remains within gravity of body while bending

Cross Country Skiing

Weight of gear displaced between shoulders and across back