Thank you Andrew…one of my loyal customers for sending the following testimonial

“When I am hiking on a narrow or nonexistent trail on rough mountain terrain, or on wet rocks along the ocean, my EZEE Camera Strap enables me to keep my big DSLR camera with long and heavy 80-200 telephoto lens on my chest and ready to shoot at any time. Your over the shoulder design prevents side-to-side swinging that would happen with a normal neck strap. With this camera and lens combination, wearing a regular neck strap, the weight of it swinging might pull me off balance and cause a fall, or cause the lens to hit a tree or other nearby object. Without my EZEE Camera Strap I would have to carry the camera in a backpack to achieve the same safety. This means I would not be ready to shoot at any time!”

“Recently, I travelled to Antarctica and although I brought a tripod I never needed it. After the first day I left it back on the ship. My EZEE Camera Strap is set so that it is just loose enough to allow the camera to be raised to my eye with a bit of tension on the two straps. By taking a deep breath I can tighten the two straps against my chest, which significantly reduces camera shake and improves image quality.
Another benefit of the strap, helped to keep my Fujifilm X T1 camera warm and dry under wet and cold Antarctic conditions. I wore a waterproof Goretex parka that is loose in front, so I can keep it zipped up over my camera until I want to use it. This would not work with an ordinary neck strap because the camera would swing from side to side inside the parka and be uncomfortable.”

TIP: “If I need to take a photo with one hand while hanging over a cliff or on another precarious perch, such as standing up in a moving zodiac, I disconnect the camera from the strap, and put my index finger through the large 1″ split ring for extra safety to avoid dropping the camera, and for a better grip.”

TIP: “If you have two small cameras of roughly the same weight you can carry one on each side, with only one split ring connected to each strap. This does permit some camera swing, but no worse than two neck or across the chest straps.”

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